Climbing walls maintenance

Regular maintenance of your climbing wall guarantees user safety, equipment durability and eliminates possible risks and their consequences.

 According to the European Regulation UNE-EN 12572-2 (Artificial climbing structures of July 2009 - part 2; Safety requirements and test methods of climbing walls) suggest to carry out an annual inspection of the artificial climbing structure (climbing or boulder wall) to ensure optimum use of the facility.

S4C offers you maintenance service of climbing and bouldering walls, which includes review the status of the internal metal support structure, review of the structural screws for possible loosening, climbing holds cleaning, etc... whether it was built by our team as if not.

The inspection will be carried out by one S4C's professional technicians, who have over 20 years of experience.

At the end of the inspection we give you a complete report of the results with the change and/or repair recommendations, along with the work budget that has to be carried out so that your climbing wall is ready for another year of operation.

Basic maintenance includes:

  • Review of the state of the main support structure and secondary structure, which have no corrosion problems.
  • Control of welding points and subsequent clamping anchors (internal structure).
  • Check and test climbing routes.
  • Review of all security features; Platelets, pickups and tapes.
  • Revision of the nuts for the placement of the climbing dams.
  • Review of paint condition and texture of wood and / or fiberglass panels.
  • Adjustment and cleaning of the climbing dams, checking for possible loosening of the clamping anchorage and control of possible defective dams due to non-visible breakage, always preserving the level of the existing track.
  • Check the condition of the mats
  • Repainting of the metal structure up to 5 square meters.
  • 1 Hour of welding work.
  • Change up to 3 safety plates.
  • Change of 15 climbing dams (5s, 5M, 5L)
  • Change of 5 nuts for the placement of prey.
  • Homologation of Climbing Walls and Boulder

In order to verify that your climbing or boulder wall is in good condition for its use and operation, it should be certified and/or legalized, as stated in the regulation (UNE-EN 12.572-1 and UNE-EN 12.572-2).

Our company counts on the collaboration of public works technical engineers and civil engineers, who will elaborate the Conformity Documentation of an Artificial Climbing Structure, according to the regulation.

This includes:
- approval project.
- resistance testing of materials
- safety reports
- instructions
- certificate of use, etc.