Climbing wall modifications

Modification service of existing climbing walls, extending areas, varying angulations in existing areas to get the most out of the facilities.

Technical advice for construction of new climbing walls

In addition to all of the aforementioned, we offer a service of technical advice and preparation of the construction project of a new climbing wall.

The advice can be complete or partial, since from our technical department, we can elaborate the following aspects of the project:

  • Market study and economic feasibility study.
  • Management of permits and town planning licenses necessary for the development of the activity to be carried out.
  • Project of center of escalation and obtaining of licenses.
  • Design, manufacture and assembly of the climbing facility and all its structures.
  • Recruitment of the works of reform of the premises, as well as the direction of the works.
  • Do you want to ride it or do we ride it?

If you would like to mount a climbing wall and need advice, material, assembly instructions, etc ... we have available to our customers a telephone assistance in the assembly, operative from Monday to Friday, mornings and afternoons.

If you want the installation to be carried out by an experienced installer we provide the installation service with our technicians, thus ensuring an approved installation for use and enjoyment, as stated in the regulations (UNE-EN 12.572-1 And UNE-EN 12.572-2).