Bouldering and climbing walls

Experts on contruction and maintance

Boulders and climbing walls construction

Fiber and wood boulders and climbing walls

Climbing holds and training boards

We offer all you need for your climbing center


We are specialists in climbing walls and bouldering

We were the first in Spain to introduce backlit holds to improve the experience in climbing walls.
We have been in building and maintenance of climbing walls for 20 years and customized boulders in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our climbing walls meet all safety requirements (European regulations UNE_EN12572).

Kids climbing wallsKids and school climbing walls

We build climbing walls for schools and institutes, they are climbing walls that benefit the development of kids. With original designs, the gateway to this fascinating sport.

CLIMBING WALLSConstruction and maintenance

We will make a totally customized design for the construction of your climbing wall.

ONLINE SHOPTrainign boards and more

Training boards Transgression and Progression, climbing holds, climbing volumes, climbing wall materials, and more...

Some boulders for climbing

We design, construct and build your boulder, totally custom.
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